START Twitch Animated Overlay Pack (OBS, SLOBS, etc...)

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An animated Twitch graphics package

Video presentation :

------ The pack includes -----

- .overlay 1 click install Streamlabs obs file

Animated (All .Webm & .mp4 files):

- Blank background (to add your own text)

- Camera overlay Wide

- Camera overlay Narrow

Static (.PNG files):

- Avatar (Transparent)

- Banner

- Offline Image

- 2 Camera overlays

- Blank background

- 2 labels icons (affiliate, non-affiliate)

- 22 panels (Including blank one)


Its a ZIP file, so after downloading it, right click it, then click "Extract all" or "Unzip". Import the files from the new folder it will create. here's a tutorial:

.Overlay file for SLOBS users, simply go to settings> scene collection> Import overlay. Then add "START Overlay Pack by Gael Level.overlay"

If you want to edit your own panels or images you can use the included blank panel.

you can edit the images using this website: or

OR ANY OTHER EDITING SOFTWARE (gimp, photoshop,, ms paint, etc...)

To add your own language to the intermission screen, simply use the animated background.mp4 and add a text source in your broadcasting software.

For the animated overlays, you will need to import them as "media source" since they are video files (.webm, mp4). You can easily change the colors to make your them by adding a color correction filter in your streaming program.

No I will not share the project files (I've done it in the past and it was a horrible experience)

A video guide will show you how to use it:

How to customize the NEW Twitch layout:

For questions, please check out

Can catch me live at

Follow me on twitter

The price may go up in the future, so grab it while its cheap!

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(17 ratings)
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START Twitch Animated Overlay Pack (OBS, SLOBS, etc...)

17 ratings
I want this!